Labyrinths of Love

Labyrinths new1

A Novel in Three Parts


Jane and Paula, two lonely straight women, help each other cope with the worst ordeals of their lives. A deeply philosophical conversation leads them to the realization they not only share suffering, friendship, and mutual support, but feelings of loneliness, isolation, and need. They accidentally find comfort in each other and begin what is, for both, a new and unlikely love. A problem arises when an attractive man moves in next door, but they find a unique solution. All three live together in a ménage-a-trois. Their lives intertwine, along with the lives of their family members. However, their ménage turns out not to be happily ever after.

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Jonathan Nathan is a successful Internet entrepreneur turned itinerant philosopher with a simple message he believes could change people’s lives. A devout woman points out the fundamental flaw in his teachings, and he  abandons his work. He turns to Wanda, his oldest friend, with whom he shared a childhood experience. She persuades him to follow his own teachings. He accidentally learns of the transformation his teachings provided for someone when she heard him speak. He is vindicated, but tired of teaching, and chooses love over philosophy.

The Church with the Funny Name

Chloe and Debby meet in the supermarket and discover an attraction which develops into love. They expect to encounter demons from the present but it is their own pasts that complicate their relationship. Debby is the Pastor of a storefront church who lived with the presence of God since childhood. Chloe is a transgender woman who encountered Godless evil as a child and has been working through her emotions ever since. Their journeys of self-discovery bring them together but only for a time. Those same journeys separate them as they continue to learn about life. Both women eventually come to understand who they are, what they are, and why they are what they are.

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