About Me

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Please feel free to peruse and download my stories for free (as pdf files) here on this website. I would love your comments or reviews.

I don’t pretend to write Great Literature. I just like to write stories. I try to make the stories interesting and entertaining. I hope others will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

Older versions of my books are also available in other ebook formats at  Amazon Kindle and  Smashwords. You can read large free samples of the books on both sites.

I would also appreciate it if you could share my website with your friends who might find my work interesting. The hardest part of writing and self-publishing is to get people to find one’s work among the millions of self-published books available online. I’m still trying to figure out how to reach readers who would enjoy my books. If you have any thoughts on how to do this, please share them with me.

Many thanks.

You can email me at buddha1946@gmail.com