The Art of Love and Other Stories

Art of Love: Joseph teaches an Adult Art Class and Naomi is one of the older students. One night, after class, they discover they have a passion for more than art. Their encounter blossoms into a relationship that leads them to life-changing decisions.

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Finding True Love: Jessica is 40, child-less, divorced and is searching for that special someone. Her chance conversation with a business client results in an unusual relationship with two gay men. They surprise her with a strange request that leads her to eventual fulfillment.
Happily Ever: Jefferson has been infatuated with his Aunt Beth since they were teenagers. Much later in life, because of a chance encounter, he confesses his feelings, and she is open to a relationship. However, the road to happiness is strewn with emotional debris from her past. In order to live happily ever after, he is forced to make a bold move.
Paradise: Dave is a shy, lonely middle-aged man who picks up 16-year-old hitchhiker. She refuses to speak. She will not tell him about herself, where she came from, or where she wants to go. He feels stuck with her, so he takes her home to his sister, Marjorie. The girl, Nora, trusts her and reveals a horrifying ordeal. They want to go to the police but Nora is afraid. Everything changes when the place Nora came from ends up on the news.
Debbie: Coming home exhausted from a business trip, she discovers her boyfriend and roommate having sex, and feels betrayed. She storms out and calls a friend who lives in an all-women building, with a vacant apartment. She can have the apartment, but only after the other residents meet and evaluate her. She at first is uncomfortable, but as she meets the liberated women, she discovers she fits right in.

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