The Art of Love and Other Stories

AOL Cover

 WARNING: These stories contain sexual content and are for adults only!!

ART OF LOVE: Joseph teaches an Adult Art Class and Naomi is one of the older students. One night after class they discover they have a passion for more than art. Their encounter blossoms into a relationship that leads them to life-changing decisions.

FINDING TRUE LOVE: Jessica is 40, child-less, divorced, and searching for that special someone. Her chance conversation with a business client results in an unusual relationship with two gay men. They surprise her with a strange request that leads her to eventual fulfillment.

PENELOPE: is a widow left emotionally drained by her husband’s illness and death. She is convinced she will never again feel anything. She accidentally re-discovers her body’s latent sensuality and bravely explores it with a male escort. Her explorations lead her to reconnect with her feelings and other people.

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