Madame Strange, Teller of the Future

Bianca Estranho is a fortune teller who lives in an RV and travels to carnivals, fairs, and other special events. However Bianca doesn’t merely read people’s futures in her crystal ball. What she really does is help people. She possesses what some call ‘powers’ but she modestly refers to as her ‘abilities.’ Because of these abilities, Bianca has adventures in this and other worlds…

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Book 1 The Farm- Click here to read or Click here to listen.

Book 2 The OperaClick Here to read or Click Here to Listen

Book 3 – Web of LiesClick Here to read or Here to listen

Book 4 – The Castle ArkClick Here to read or Here to listen

Book 5 – YoliClick Here to read or Here to listen

Coming next week! Book 6 – Best Friends Forever

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